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The future is with us, and we live in a new world dominated by software. This new world demands the convergence of liberal arts and technology. The software is best created by the person in charge of the business. Along with the rapid development of the computer industry, computer programming languages have also developed rapidly. Computer programming is no longer the realm of experts. eBizCollege trains employees who directly produce software (ERP) required by companies. We are educating the talent that businesses need most today.
At eBizCollege, you will learn all the processes (organization, sales, production, accounting, customer management, etc.) Learn how to create an application that manages these processes. It provides a convergence education that creates managers who can process corporate data into decision-making information.
eBizCollege is an affiliated private academy operated by ICC BOX Corp.
Since 2014, iCodingCamp.com and iCodingClub.com have been operated with interest in coding education for elementary school students.